Pascoal                              TF                  Monday, May 29th





Last week, I tested a new concept of collaborative consumption: Easysitting. It consists in taking care of children and doing activities with them for free. Contrary to the classic babysitting, the concept offers many alternatives in order to make children happy. You can do it anywhere like in parks, at home, at sea or in attraction parks. Thanks to Easysitting, I took a child with me for a day and I brought him to an attraction park and he enjoyed that a lot.


Thanks to Easysitting : parents can leave their children when they need to work, or to travel. The concept offers a lot of different activities which are better than simply taking care of children which is boring and useless. It allows children to discover new landscapes and to be joyful. Parents don’t have to worry about the price and their children because it’s less expensive than a simple babysitting association and Easysitters are professionals. There is a website on which you can chat with other Easysitters from the region.

But there is one drawback which is very recurrent : the children’s behaviour depends on the children themselves so they might become angry unlike others who can be happy thanks to these activities which are great.